This is a wonderful book. Everyone should read it.


Read Paper Stones ... and oh my, what a treat! It was so good that I immediately read it a second time. Even better!


Everyone should read Paper Stones.


Can't think of many other books that are so empowering for women, a real force for good.


I've already given copies of this book to friends!

I love the blend of a great storyline and well drawn characters with really excellent writing. There's humour as well as difficult material, all handled very skillfully. I knew I was in good hands right from the beginning.


An engaging, thought provoking story!

Despite dealing with the difficult topic of domestic abuse, this was a real page-turner and good read ─ with an uplifting and hopeful ending to boot!


Well written

Received this book as a Christmas gift from a great friend. Very well written and thoroughly enjoyed this book. Kept me turning the pages, anxious to follow Rose through her challenges and victories through some tough subject matter. Tasteful and thought-provoking. A pleasure to read.


Story of survival and the journey of healing

Well written, page turner. While this is a dark subject of child sexual abuse, there is a lot to be learned from this book. A story about new friends and the dark past, told through the eyes of Rose. Each of the characters and their stories are well developed.

At the end of the book the author makes a note about the vernacular, I struggled with this for the first few pages, then I couldn't put the book down.

Highly recommend.

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A hopeful story about a dark topic

This book deals with the challenging subject of domestic abuse, yet is an engaging, uplifting and hopeful read. Pulls the reader in to the difficult lives faced by the different characters and has you rooting for them.

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Deep subject, endearing characters.

Honestly I wasn't sure what to expect when I first picked up this book, but at chapter 3 I was all in and finished it in 4 days. I found myself aching, hurting for the characters and also cheering for them. I also found myself holding my breath while I was reading. Definitely a deep subject, but so well told and researched. Thank you to the author for bringing this serious subject out with such remarkable story lines.

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A dark subject; a brilliant read.

I just finished reading Paper Stones. I highly recommend it.

During my reading, I cried and laughed. I was crushed by the novel’s situational failures, and cheered at its storyline victories. Most importantly the book drew me into a search for the pearls of wisdom that the book clearly offered. There is not much more that I ask of a book or that I use to judge its worth.

The book is a thrilling read with lots of twists and turns. (Be aware that the subject matter is dark -- focused on recovering from family abuse, including childhood sexual abuse). During my reading, I gained a better perspective on the signs of these crimes, the horrible toll it takes on the individuals and families, and the steps victims can follow to try to heal. The experience left me feeling more knowledgeable, yet with a desire to learn more.

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I have just finished your brave and heartfelt work of art, and will get more copies to send to my daughters … Thank you for building such formidable literary skills and powering through this horrifying part of the human world.


I loved Paper Stones …… absolutely loved it. Feel that I grew and expanded during the reading of it and through meeting its characters and witnessing their struggles and growth. It's a gem of a book and I hope it reaches a good number of people.


Important messages concealed in this page-turner

I loved this novel! It's a heavy topic but it's not a dreary story. On the contrary, I could hardly put the book down: the plot totally pulled me in. It's also one I see myself rereading later. The novel has many layers: it's whimsical and fantastical but also shows the concrete steps any of us can take to work through childhood trauma. I've been raving about it to all my friends especially those who might have had trauma (even less severe) so they could read how someone can make a recovery. Thanks to Laurie Ray Hill for this book!


Great book!!

I read this book cover to cover in just under a week. I truly enjoyed every page. This book came recommended and I'm not normally a reader. Enjoyed all the characters and how the author brought each of them to life. You can relate to the characters and the situations they find themselves in. Really makes you think about all those that are suffering at the hands of abusers.

This would be a great gift for anyone that needs support. 


Riveting and wryly humorous, Paper Stones follows the heartbreaks and ultimate triumph of Rose Underhill, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Laurie Ray Hill's exquisite prose navigates this difficult topic with tenacious hope and unflinching attention to the profound effects of childhood experience.

Pili Palm-Leis, B.Ed., author of Globe & Mail featured Keep Up, Katmai

Warm, accessible, human, Paper Stones is a goldmine... I could see building a whole course around this book.

Professor Andrew Buntin, Child and Youth Care Programme, George Brown College, Toronto