Paper Stones follows a group of friends in recovery and beyond, on their way to happier times.

Bloom bigger


They deal with a load of manure, but it only makes the friends bloom bigger, in Paper Stones.

Real-life as the kitchen sink but twinkling with laughs and dreams, Paper Stones wrestles with real issues and affirms hope.

A child thrives, in spite of early traumas, and her aunt heals in the process, in Paper Stones.

It starts with domestic trouble. But the story is a fast, funny and bumpy ride to better days.

A real and gritty story with a magical touch of folktale, Paper Stones invites you in.

New words


Are new words strong enough to be her stepping stones to triumph? Rose dares to try them in Paper Stones.

A ripple of magic spreads through their world when Rose and her friends start to change.